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  1. Sailorgirlz1

    Having A Kiln Outside ?

    Hi, well first of all if you have ever smelled the fumes when firing either bisque or glaze you won't want to have a kiln inside anywhere without a vent. I bought 2 of the first electronic Evenheat cone 6 kilns in 1992/93, had them in the cement/milk house room of an unheated barn in Western New York for years, firing (cone 6) like crazy (all throughout the year and in all temperatures), then took time off from pottery until 2003, moved them to coastal Florida where they sat in an un-airconditioned storage building until 2009. At that time we placed them outside of our house under a aluminum roof on a cement pad. I started firing again in 2011, everything worked great, sure they have a little rust on the lid hinge and the bung hole covers, but we did not even have to replace any elements until after quite a few firings. A couple of months ago after firing about 200 times we finally replaced the thermocouples in both kilns. Sounds like you need a place to fire your pieces, a local studio or pottery group; or at least a covered patio with a fireproof floor. If the newer electronics in kilns are more sensitive to outside temperature changes I do not know. I hope this helps you and anyone else that is worried about firing outside.
  2. Hi, I need some feedback on this show, have accepted and not been able to find anyone that has anything positive? Thank you so much as it will be an expense.

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