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    Nature, gardening, wildlife, dogs, the arts, pottery, photography, glass, textiles, mosaics, cooking and the culinary arts, jewelry making, metal clay.
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  2. I do almost all of my claywork at the leather hard stage. I mainly hand build using slabs that are leather hard. Once the form is put together, if it seems a little too stiff to work on, I cover the entire piece in a damp tshirt, and then cover it in plastic. After a couple of hours it's good to go! For my work, my pieces look almost the same at the leather hard stage, as they do high fired, so this is why I like the leather hard stage the best!
  3. Robert Piepenburg He is a professor of ceramics, and author of many books on ceramics including raku. Two of my most favorite books are: The Spirit of Clay, and Treasures of the Creative Spirit. In my career in ceramics, I have been more influenced by these two books, than any others. I think he has an incredible ability to stimulate and unearth the creative potential of his students. Working beside him in his studio would therefore be an unbelievable experience for me!

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