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  1. Hi Everyone, Back in the 1970's I made a turtle statue into a lamp for a children's room. The turtle was about 14" high, sat up on it's hind legs and tail, had a hat on it's head and a big raised daisy flower on it tummy. I carved out the petals and leaves on the flower, then put masking tape on the inside of the cut-out areas. Then I poured yellow crushed glass crystals in each petal, and green ones in each leaf area. The studio owner then fired the turtle (he was already glazed with appropriate glaze before adding the crystals). The crystals fused to the sides of the cut-out area and the masking tape burned away. Unfortunately, the present studio owner had never heard of that technique, and I can't remember if the crushed glass was added before the turtle was glazed fired, or after. Nor do I know what temperature the glass was fired at, since it was done by the shop owner. The piece turned out great, though. I now would like to repeate that technique. Does anyone know how to do it correctly? Colleen