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  1. waysouth

    Hand Made Tiles

    My experience is that the most important part of creating flat tiles is careful drying. I always lay my finished tiles out on several layers of newspapers, on top of drywall (with the edges taped to avoid having any plaster disasters!). I then cover them with several layers of newspapers and stack the boards with tiles about 3 layers high... finishing off with several "empty" pieces of drywall so the top remains flat. I change out the newspaper as it absorbs the moisture from the clay about once a day (more often if I am trying to speed the process up). I also recommend that you are sure the tiles are completely dry before firing to bisque. This is alot of work and several weeks time, but it is a sure fire way to achieve flat tiles.. I even raku my tiles and they are for the most part very flat. Good luck, I hope this helps.
  2. waysouth


    If you are lucky enough to live in south Florida we have several classes in glaze making.http://www.ceramicleaguemiami.org/

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