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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used MN Clay's Potters Pads (it's an underglaze stamp pad) without glaze. I want to use it on the exterior of a bowl that will be washed often. I don't want to glaze the exterior but need to stamp a logo on. Will the unglazed underglaze chip/get washed off. I am firing to cone 7 which is within the firing range of the underglaze. Thanks! Tanya
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    Intensive pottery course

    Thanks Marcia. I am actually working with both stoneware and terracotta here. I wrote to La Meridiana much before I found this school in Deruta - and was planning to go there in January for the throwing workshop, but I didn't manage to save enough to make the trip so early in the year. My plan is to combine a few workshops, but before that I wanted something slightly more general to get fundamentals right to start with. If you have any suggestions for a 2-3 month course, please tell me about it Thanks
  3. Hi, This is my first post (and first day) on this forum, so I apologise if this isn't the right place to post this or if I'm asking a question that has already been asked and answered elsewhere ( I did search quite a bit). After a very brief introductory course in pottery at a neighbourhood studio, I saved up enough to buy a wheel to, well (pardon the pun) potter about. What started as something I'd do in my free time has become something I want to learn seriously. Unfortunately the studio pottery scene in my city ( in India) is quite nascent and supplies as well as courses are hard to come by. I am looking for an intensive course that will take me through everything from preparing clay to firing and glazing. A kind of foundation course. I know that going to university would be ideal, but I cannot afford it and I was never good at school. I have heard that art schools in the US offer ceramic courses in the summer- it would be great if you can recommend some. Or if you could tell me about similar courses ( could be at a studio, not necessarily a school) anywhere else in the world. Has anyone heard of this school in Italy or been there : http://www.en.scuoladarteceramica.com/corsi.php I have written to them, and they say that their course is customised to each student and one can decide how many days and how many hours one wants instruction and in what topic. The system sounds good, but it will be good to hear from someone who has been there on the quality of instruction. Thanks

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