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  1. Hi from Miss No-Fingerprint

    O.K This is not exactly on topic, but certainly relates to not having fingerprints any longer. I completed a concealed handgun class recently. At the end of the course, everyone who passed fills out some forms, has their fingerprints taken and these are then sent to the Department of Public Safety in Austin. A week later I was informed tthat no fingerprints had been submitted with the paperwork. We did them again - this time more carefully. Again - no fingerprints. Finally, someone official accepted the smudges in the little squares as my fingerprints. At last, I was legal. That was when the course instructor jokingly said, "well, if they've ever got a crime and no fingerprints are found, we'll know who did it". At least I think he was joking. Now, back to the studio and see what other trouble I can get into. LOL Sylvia
  2. Attaching Ceramic Sculpture To A Base

    Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I really do understand what it's like when you have someone else do something relatively simple and it gets messed up. Great idea and it makes a lot of sense. Especially the part about not using petroleum based products on the wood. Thanks again.
  3. This year, I will be donating a sculpture to the "Sprint for Life" fund raising event which takes place in May in Houston, Texas. I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer about 18 months ago and continue on the roller coaster ride of treatment, having hair, being bald, have hair again, chemo, wonderful supportive family and friends who are amazing and my own efforts at continuing to create art as long as I am able. "Sprint for Life" is an event which takes place annually, involves hundreds of participants of all ages and helps to provide funds to continue the amazing work in research, education, outreach and treatment which takes place at M D Anderson Hospital(a world reknowned cancer center). I am currently working on the ceramic sculpture (approx. 11" to 18" tall, excluding base) which will be awarded at this years event. I would like to mount it to a wooden base which will have an engraved plaque showing the name of the group to which it is presented. I would greatly appreciate any advice and/or suggestions as relates to mounting this work. I would like for it to be done in a way that will be secure and sound, both aesthetically and physically. Thanks for any help you have available.
  4. Bone Dry Clay Quandry

    Chris, Thank you so much....for taking the time to respond and for your insight into my situation. While I have rearranged my priority list in the last 18 months, I seem to have left the common sense that relates to my studio outside the door. Of course, you are right. For the first time in years, I have no idea what sculptures, mixed media or weird art I will be doing....and this is both liberating and exciting. I am looking forward to new discoveries about my work and myself. Please know that you "touched home base" with this one. Thanks again, Sylvia
  5. Bone Dry Clay Quandry

    A year and a half ago I became ill and was no longer able to work in my studio. I've been a clay artist for over 25 years and have missed my "mud" terribly. Fortunately, at the moment, I am reestablishing my studio and am very excited about getting back into the part of my life that is creative. During this last year and a half, many boxes of clay (low fire, red, white, some raku, etc.) have been drying up almost as quickly as I have been. Presently, I can no longer do very strenuous work or lift heavy weights. So, I will do anything and everything possible for as long as possible. In the meantime, these boxes are staring at me and I don't know what to do. There is too much to work by hand and I don't have a pugger. Is it possible to use these bone hard 25 lb. blocks of clay in sculpture, carving, fragments, etc.? Any ideas you may have would be most appreciated. Thanks, and thank you Ceramic Arts Daily for this wonderful forum. Sylvia Rawley

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