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  1. Ditto to having worn eyeglasses forever and having had the same scratched lens issue in the past. I have had the coating removed once scratched, albeit the opticians don't want or guarantee the results, but I have found that usually the scratches are just on the surface, and once the coating is gone, so are most of the scratches. But since learning that the "proper" way to clean my lenses are with a run under water, then spray with lens cleaner or a solution of 90proof rubbing alcohol and water, and finishing off with a lens cloth (microfiber, really soft - I buy the Costco cleaning kits - you get a cloth, two bottles of cleaner, travel spray and other stuff and unlimited free refills! for about $6) - I have had no scratching in over a year. I am in the school studio with teenagers everyday and they send clay and dust flying frequently. Hope this helps, Barb