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  1. For me, it was "when given lemons make lemonade.' The point of this comment was when something you make does not turn out as expected, look for something new in it and consider other possibilities. Doing this has kept me fresh in my approach. Another one was "if you don't know what to do copy the next guy." This advice has also helped me to learn that my creation will never be the exact same as "the other guy" as I will put a new spin on it and it will definitely be different. Nelly Best Advice....hard to pin point just one....from a friend who also introduced me to pottery, "set aside an evening during the week after work and a morning during the weekend to play with clay". Thanks for sharing that! I haven't touched clay in about 7 years, but have the itch and just ordered some videos through Ceramics Art Daily. I am going to begin with donating time one evening and one weekend morning planning and dreaming of a space to work in... set a goal and work toward it! Thank you God for inspiration! ... and on the subject... "grumpy" everyone has a bad day... I'm sorry this was yours. I am grateful to the many generous potters I know....