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  1. Cone query

    Hello I am looking for some clarification regarding the different firing temperatures for Orton cones. I have an old Harrison Mayer kiln, which uses a kiln sitter, and so make use of the small cones. I recently noticed in the Hamer's 'Potters Dictionary' that the firing temperatures for the cons are not the same. It seems to me that there is quite a large difference, for example the large cone 04 has a temperature of 1060 degrees C (when heated at 150 dC), while the small cone 04 has a a temp of 1098 dC (when heated at 300 dC - almost 40 dC). If I fire an earthenware glaze, which matures between 1060 - 1120, which cone would I put in the kiln sitter - the small 02 or is it safer to use a lesser 03? According to Hamer, the large Cone 02 is 1120, small cone 02 is 1150, but my local potters supply shop sells both the large and small Orton cone 02 as 1120 dC. I have an almost new box of small cone 02's, which is why, if it makes no difference, I'd prefer to use them. Hope that someone can advise, Thanks, Mellissa Bushby.