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  1. Clay Formula

    How much higher ? What do want to do with it? The proposed use will have some effect on the formula. You could use a porcelain formula. Newcomb Ceramic Whitewares Pitman 1947 pp 230 Table 10-2 gives the following in %ages Kaolin 50, Flint 25 and Feldspar 25.It is fired as high as 2650 degrees F. Newcomb gives the recipe for a number of bodies firing up C14. How do you intend to fire them ? Hope this helps, Mudlark Thanks.....I want to make a rod that I can stack sculpture on and would hold up at 2245 F (about cone 6) without bending or breaking. Would this work..Do I need to fire it higher than 2381 F in order to be solid.? Lorraine
  2. Clay Formula

    I need clay formula to withstand temp. higher than cone 10.