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  1. Broken Kiln Shelves

    Thanks everyone, Yes indeed I load the posts above each other. I am pretty sure I am not at fault here, especially considering the frequency of the breaking. Thanks everyone for your input. Looks like I will be contacting my supplier.
  2. Broken Kiln Shelves

    Not yet, I was trying to see if there was some other variable that I should be aware of first.
  3. Hey there, So I received some brand new 26" corelite kiln shelves. 10 to be exact. 8 of them broke right down the middle during firing. My supplier said there might have been a bad batch, I got ten new ones. Of the new batch of ten, four have already broken. I use three posts, don't load a lot of heavy work (the last incident cracked with just a few tiles on them, and most interesting; I have not fired past 04! They all break at low temps. I am using a Cress electric kiln. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions? I have switched to using six posts and putting the middle line in the same place (as if I were loading with two half shelves) it might prevent damage to projects (in case the unbroken ones break) but it is a pain in the butt and it takes up space in my kilns. Please help, Nick