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    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend. This is something that frustrates me greatly (because I hate to see things that could be useful to someone go to the landfill) and I did go on a bit in that other post. We do scrutinize and refuse donations when we get the chance. Unfortunately, there are no full time employees in our pottery program and people often don't call ahead, so they show up with stuff when no one is there and some well meaning person from another program accepts the donation. I've heard similar stories from school art teachers and others in similar situations. It's basically just a communication problem within the organisations, but it does seem to be a very common problem.
  2. BruceNS

    Newbie to ceramics

    Please be sure to talk to an art or pottery teacher and make sure that the items are needed/wanted BEFORE you donate them. I work at a community center and people frequently donate things that we simply can't use - we have a limited amount of space for pottery and many things just aren't compatible with our current set-up and needs. Also keep in mind that if you don't want it because it's too old and worn out that we might feel the same way. Yes, our budget is limited, but worn out is worn out. Lots of donated items (and LOTS of molds) have wound up in the landfill because none of the pottery people were there to refuse them when they were dropped off and the other staff didn't know better than to accept them. And these unwanted donations wind up costing money because someone has to be paid to load stuff up and haul it to the dump. I can only speak for my program, but the only slip-casting molds I would even think about accepting would be small, not explicitly religious items related to holidays - snowmen, reindeer, turkeys, eggs, hearts, ghosts, witches. Little things that could be made ahead and painted as part of a children's activity.

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