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  1. Darvan 7 experience?

    Marcia, thank you. That sounds similar to what I think I'm going to do. Perhaps a possible point of misunderstanding is that I plan on mixing the dry form of what wet would be a regular porcelain clay body. I wanted it in dry form just to increase the ease of mixing with stains by making it wetter/thinner than one normally would for a hand building clay. Then I'd like to dry it a bit on plaster until I can work it. Because I am new to this, I guess I don't know if there is a chemical difference between actual slip and just very thinned down clay? Maybe that's why I was told to use the Darvan 7, since I want to make it so watery at first...
  2. Darvan 7 experience?

    Thank you, Neil! Sounds good, though perhaps I should have clarified that my ultimate goal is colored clay for handbuilding, not slip casting...
  3. Darvan 7 experience?

    Hi Folks, I'm going to be combining a dry clay mix with water and mason stains to color it before working with it. Then after I get it blended (likely in small batches in a blender) I plan to dry it somewhat on plaster until workable. I've gotten advice to use some Darvan 7, a deflocculant, to help with this. Does anyone have experience using this or with this process? Ideas / thoughts appreciated! Thanks.