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  1. Best Table for the Studio?

    Susanna, I use TEMPERED masonite, and I hold it down with some sheetrock nails, not glue. That allows easy re-surfacing, the glue would be a real mess. best, ..............john Thanks, John! I'll look into the TEMPERED masonite and sheetrock nails. And I'm loving all the other ideas being thrown around here! You all rock! Susanna
  2. Best Table for the Studio?

    Wow, I didn't realize canvas isn't a good idea for a work surface b/c of dust! I've been meaning to make a better work table - I currently use a canvas-covered smallish piece of plywood that is atop a plastic folding table. I was planning to make a large (same size as table surface w/overlap) removable top made of 1" plywood (glue 2 1/2" plywood pieces together - cheaper than a 1" piece) covered in canvas to lay atop my table, but now I will skip the canvas and just go w/plywood or MDF. I like the linseed oil idea, too. So, which do you all think would be the most lasting? 1. plywood surface 2. MDF surface 3. MDF surface w/6 coats linseed 4. Masonite surface glued to plywood backing (I have this on my woodworking workbench I made) Thanks! Susanna