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  1. Try building one.. Look for ideas on this site , check you tube. This link shows you how to build a Raku kiln. Good luck. http://www.corvusmoon.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47&Itemid=53
  2. Hello this may be helpful.. http://www.bluebird-mfg.com/
  3. Depending on the size/shape of the glaze bottle, maybe a CD/DVD/VHS tape rack from Kmart or Target or Ikea or wherever might work. The wooden kind that's kind of like a bookshelf - not the plastic ones with the slots! :)/> Mine are in bins and boxes right now....so yeah, I need to get organized too! Thank you all for the great feedback, I started seperating by mfg, and by number for now, till I get more experienced , I have never mixed my own yet. One step at a time.. Thanks again!!
  4. Hello again, I have a lot of glazes many sizes and shapes. I am setting up my studio and wonder how to organize the glazes so I can find them. I am looking for racks to store and organize for ease of use. Does anyone know where I can buy racks for Duncan,spectrum and other glazes. Right Now I have them in bins not very organized for the studio . Ideas? Websites? Thanks again!
  5. Thanks or all the great advice, can I sell or give these away legally ? Since they are no longer avail to buy I want to be sure of the legalities.
  6. Hello, I purchased a ceramic home studio and I have a lot of great non toxic glazed that we can use and we also have a lot of lead based glazes and I would like to know if these are still usable, I also need to know if I put them on craigslist that I wouldn't be breaking any laws.. anyone can offer suggestions? I appreciate your help..
  7. Cones are a one time deal. You use a new set of cones for every firing. They measure the amount of heat work in the kiln, so you could be a little under or a little over temp, but the cone bends when a certain amount of heat work is completed. Lower temp will take longer to bend the cone, higher temp the inverse. The sentence: . .. .should we take extra care to celebrate the kiln. . . has me confused. What do you mean by that? Do you have any shelves in this kiln? If you use shelves you would want to kiln wash the top side of the shelf. You should also vacuum out the kiln every few firings being careful around element grooves. Yes I meant calibrate darn spell check, and when I said the cone did not melt I meant bend.. (I remind you I'm new at this.) I do understand the difference of the witness cones.. And yes it was like Christmas day when we opened the kiln... nothing broke yahoo! Thanks everyone for all the great advice.. and Humor of course...
  8. I finally got my old KS818 kiln installed, ready to fire away. I am a new potter, I used earthenwear cone 06 clay . Filled the kiln with green wear, we fired for 2 hours on low, 2 hours on medium 2 hrs 15 min on high it appears to be fine except the bar cone in the KS was melted correctly and shut off the kiln. The witness cone never melted hardly bent . My question is how do you know if the pottery has been fired correctly? We plan to glaze and refire should we take extra care to celebrate the kiln? Any suggestions are welcome . We also plan on installing a pyrometer to help measure temp. Do cones go bad? Should we buy more I got all these from the person I bought the kiln from . Thanks again dawn~
  9. Ok Bruce, point taken, I understand donation requires thought, if the molds are ruined why pawn them off on unsuspecting donation organizations...... I understand the impact, that was never the plan. I will offer them for giveaways or trash them unfortunately if no one wants them, the landfill will be on schedule. Unless someone can truly recycle the molds... They should be considered clean fill. Whatever the case it is what it is... On another note the organizations that accept donations should scrutinize what they accept to a avoid the costly removal of useless items. I do appreciate your feedback....
  10. Donating is a great idea, thanks. We are working on the inventory and looking for catalogs to reference some of the molds. We also received about 70 gallons of slip with the purchase ... (I know) the hard work is getting everything on computer then setting up the work space... Thanks for your comments, we really appreciate them.
  11. Thanks for your insight! We really appreciate the feedback. We'll talk again soon
  12. My husband and I have been looking for an opportunity to learn a creative trade and over time possibly supplement our income when we retire. We still have 15 yrs until then , however I am a planner always planning ahead.. . We never tried ceramics but found an add on Craigslist, a semi local woman selling off her full lot of ceramic home studio. (2 hour drive) A very good price we settled on, 2 electric kilns, 1 large slip mixer, 1large 8 foot pouring table and many many molds. The overwhelming part is the molds .we filled a 26 foot trench with all the equipment and about 10 pallets of molds. That was only 1/2 the molds . I could only fit 1/3 of the first load of molds in my house and we rented a 10x20 storage space. Currently we are inventorying the molds. We are overwhelmed with the amount of molds and still need to go back to pick up the remainder. Having never even poured one mold we will be storing and paying this storage for some time ..there are large and small molds so far we have inventoried 200 and hardly scratched the surface... Am I over reacting? :-). Your thoughts are welcome... Located in Jacksonville Florida... Thanks for reading ...
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