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  1. Where To Buy Copper Sulfate

    Thanks everyone for the information. I've ordered it from Amazon. I'm looking forward to firing in the next few weeks.
  2. Where To Buy Copper Sulfate

    Thanks so much, I would have never thought to look on Amazon. I should have, though, they seem to have just about everything these days...
  3. I'm looking at doing a Aluminum Sager firing and using the book titled Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques by Jim Watkins. In his list of materials and tools he calls for Copper Sulfate to both sprinkle around the pot and also to soak some spanish moss in to add to the foil package. I cannot seem to locate anyone who sells Copper Sulfate. Does anyone know of a source?
  4. Making Extruder Dies

    Pres, Thanks so much for the website, I just spent about an hour hopping around on U-tube learning all about the jewelers saw and blades, it really helped. I'm gone for a week and looking forward to getting started when I get back. I still don't know what guage 1/8" aluminum is. I think I will start with the biggest blade. Bajamary
  5. Making Extruder Dies

    Well, I ordered both the saw and more blades from the site you recommended Mark, The blades came yesterday and the saw should be here today. This brings another question, These blades are sure little things, I've never worked with this type of tool before, The sizes on the package, ranging from 1/0 up to 2 do not mean anything to me. Do I start with the biggest one "2" I do not speak "gauge" Is that what the number represents? I may not have time to work on this for the next week as I have to be out of town, but I saw on your site, that you will be at the Anacortes Art Festival the first part of August. I live in Anacortes in the summer and look forward to stopping at your booth. Not just to pick your brain on dies, saws and blades I promise...By then maybe I will have at least one die finished.... Thanks again for your help. Bajamary
  6. Making Extruder Dies

    Thanks Mark, I appreciate the sites, I'm going to order today and get started. Bajamary
  7. Making Extruder Dies

    Thanks Mark for the words of wisdom. You are right, I think the dremel is pretty aggressive. Any thoughts on where I can buy a jewelers saw and files. I'm hoping to make about 10-12 dies. Is there a special blade for the saw? Bajamary
  8. I have just gotten some pieces of 1/8th inch aluminum to make dies for my extruder. Does anyone out there have any experience in cutting the aluminum. I have a dremel tool, but it is abit old. Any advise on the correct dremel and what types if bits or cutters what will do the job would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks so much for the help. I knew about Brackers, but not the new will call function. That makes is doable. Also will check out Crane Yard Clay, your right I don't think it is to far from my Aunt's in Blue Springs. Bajamary
  10. I'm traveling through the Kansas City area next week and need to buy some cone 10 and cone 6 clay. I will be in Blue Springs, Independence and Kansas City near the airport, Is there anyone out there familiar with these areas that can give me the name of a Clay Supplier. Thanks so much.. Bajamary
  11. Diamond drill bit suggestions

    Hi, I'm sorry if I'm late posting this. I've been in the states for a little while. We live in a small town called San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez in Baja. It's only 126 miles from the border so I can get back up for "supplies" I use the 50 (green) and the 100 grit (black) and I mostly use them on the bottoms of my pots after glaze firing to cone 6. I like to have a nice smooth bottom so that my customers don't have to worry about the piece scratching their furniture. Just a few minutes by hand with the pad and the finish is nice and smooth. If I have a glaze drip, I have a belt grinder for that. I order from Toolocity, but the invoice shows that they are from Applied Diamond Tools, they have a toll frree number of 800-980-7808... Justin, I've bought one of those sandpaper bats but haven't found it very useful. I.m sticking to the hand pads. Thanks for the info on diamond drills, I'm going to look into that also.
  12. Diamond drill bit suggestions

    THis is a little off topic, but reminded me of a great tool. It's a hand held diamond polishing pad. I use it on the bottoms of my pots after final firing and they are as smooth as silk. Go to the web site www.toolocity.com and look for Diamond Hand Polishing Pads, I get the 100 grit one. They are about $10.00 each, and last a long time.
  13. Yellow/Gold Glaze receipe

    John, Thank you for your reply, I have a picture of a pot with the Bright Butternut on it, but I'm not sure how to attach it to this reply. Even tho this is an underglaze it fires to cone 6 just fine and keeps it's color and brightness. I do not put a clear glaze over it. I get a nice shine to the finish. I use it on some ornamental fish pots, not on anything functional. If I can figure it out, I'll send the picture, in the meantime, I will start testing. I have always made my own glazes, and have only recently started trying some of the commercial glazes. I have some nice base glaze receipes and will test with different colorants. I had asked the first question just in the hopes of finding someone out there who had used Bright Butternut, knew what it looked like and perhaps had a cone 6 receipe that came close to the color. I appreciate your professional reply....
  14. Yellow/Gold Glaze receipe

    Well, I read your reply several times and found it interesting that you must have known exactly how you meant what you said, because you told me more than once that you wern't trying to be "mean" I will most likely not be asking any more questions of this forum. I didn't expect to receive many replys as it was for something specific. I was not interested in being told how stupid I am.