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  1. Alteredclay

    Hardening On Underglaze

    When I apply underglaze onto bisque, it streaks. How can I avoid that ? Catherine
  2. Alteredclay

    Foot Impression?

    Thanks for putting up with my learning. There's no way for me to see the actual size unless I post.
  3. Alteredclay

    Foot Impression?

    Not liking the photo size. Will keep working
  4. Alteredclay

    Foot Impression?

    This is the Darlene's bowl she did. Has not been bisqued yet. Majolica glaze onto red clay (lo-fire 417), then applied stains.
  5. Alteredclay

    Foot Impression?

    I just saw 'oldlady' comment regarding the textile piece on which the bowl is placed. I totally agree. STUNNING-- Would love to know ? designer, location, anything about the piece. I'm thinking the design could be an inspiration data point for the majolica technique, huh? Would it be considered 'out of place' if you could attach a photo of just the textile? When I resize my photo, I would to post a photo of what my instructor did with the watercolor technique.
  6. Here's another view. I am going to try the mixture of dry clay, paper, vinegar. What have I got to lose?
  7. Wow, what happened to my post? Let's try again w/ the photos
  8. I'm pretty irritated at myself!! Look what happened!! I should know better. Is there any chance of a fix? Yes, bone dry!!!!!!
  9. I'm pretty irritated at myself!! Look what happened!! I should know better. Is there any chance of a fix? Yes, bone dry!!!!!!
  10. Alteredclay

    Frozen Glaze

    Thanks for the comments. One of our students bought some commercial glazes 'on sale' for $3 (normally 9-16) and the instructor used them on some 'empty bowls' and the result was pretty disappointing. The instructor contributed the result on a bisque firing at 04 instead of her usual 06 and then fired at cone 6. Some of us think the result was due to the actual glaze (what do we know, we're just students--ha).
  11. Alteredclay

    Frozen Glaze

    What happens when your supply of glaze gets frozen? Maybe being stored in the garage,etc.. Does it alter anything? Thanks, Catherine
  12. Alteredclay

    Thoughts On Underfired Bisque

    Let me share what I just recently experienced. The instructor did a bisque at cone 010 (found out later it could have been 012) because her other class was going to do a saggar firing. So-o-o-o-o, I placed 23 tiles (3x3), 2 trays and 2 vases to be bisqued --I was NOT going to do a saggar firing. Clay=112 (with specks) Then, I glazed the 2 vases with clear and glazed the upper 1 inch with red and the 2 trays with clear also. Well, they all came out looking as if I glazed them with puke (yellowish, tan) and the red was very spotchy. I have had great success with clear over 112. At the time, I wondered why my glaze experienced classmate didn't put any of hers in there. Now I know. I was going to experiment with my own underglazes on the tiles and hang them on copper wiring and attach them on a real cool rod. But, my 'testing' is going to be all for nothing because it won't be a true outcome since they weren't fired high enough ( they are red clay). Maybe I could re-fire them at 05 and then continue? I am going to attempt to include photos.
  13. Alteredclay

    How to Post a Photo

    oops--trying to post a photo (the size may be an issue, we'll see)

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