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  1. I am looking to take that next step from the basic long tables to display/sell my pottery to an upright shelving system. Cannot locate any designs on the webj and have seen a few at local craft shows. Looking for something that is very sturdy to manage the weight of my pottery and customer traffic, shelves that will collapse easily for transport and storage, will fit under a standard vendor tent, and maybe something that might provide storage for my bins. Would appreciate your thoughts and experience. Layout is another thought, too. If you have any pictures that would be wonderful! Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Thank you for your help! Found a spout (just to give it a test drive) at Bed Bath and Beyond which has the stainless steel spout and rubber fittings (not cork). Not so wild about it, but it will do for my first go around. Now the issue is the best way to measure the neck while throwing to make sure the spout fits after firing. Any tips welcome and thanks again for your help!
  3. Learning to make olive oil cruets and would love some guidance on purchasings the stainless steel spouts with flip tops. Are these the same as the liquor tops for bottles and are some better than others (need dishwasher friendly)? Thank you for your help!