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  1. Recommend clay for large open bodies

    Jim, Thank You for the recommendation. I will probably give that a try.
  2. Hello my fellow forum members, I was hoping for a little guidance as to what is a good cone 5/6 clay for large open body pieces, "large bowls ect' I have been using Laguna Clay "Calico" which I have found to be very inconsistent from bag to bag, and very weak. I would prefer to use an Aardvark Clay as they are the closest to me. I look forward to your responses. Thank You
  3. Calling all Northwest Potters

    I am from So Cal and a friend of Mark at Fast Hawk Pottery, count me in! Worth the Trip to gain knowledge from Simon I can send a deposit if needed!
  4. My Journey In To Clay

    Just posted a new video and images to my facebook and website www.potterywalker.com www.facebook.com/potterywalker
  5. My Journey In To Clay

    Marcia, Thank You so much for the warm welcome. I could sure use some guidance in making handles!! and advice?
  6. My Journey In To Clay

    Posted a new video MY NEW KILN ARRIVAL http://youtu.be/a39x764aZP8 http://www.facebook.com/PotteryWalker
  7. My Journey In To Clay

    posted a new video http://www.facebook.com/PotteryWalker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pau-N6KzBro&feature=g-all-u
  8. My Journey In To Clay

    if a moderator reads this. Is this the right location for this thread?
  9. My Journey In To Clay

    Luckily, I still also have my ceramics as well. Of course that can be just as pricey as photo, and be considered potentially dangerous. The bureaucrats don't like us to have any fun. I hear ya there. Do you have a link to your ceramics work? What are you into? I honestly don't photograph a lot of my work. I make things, and generally just give them away as gifts. I have sold some work, that I was commissioned for, but generally I just make pieces, because I enjoy it. I dabble in a bit of everything. I do a bit of throwing, mostly smaller things, like cups, mugs and bowls. I also do some small relief sculptures as well. This summer I made a decent sized sculpture for my classroom to hold my hall passes. I had the idea a few years ago, but finally had the time to actually make it. Thats cool, I started this whole thing just for my family to follow me, but friends told me to put it out there. I look forward to seeing what you have done if you can dig up a photo or two Les
  10. My Journey In To Clay

    Luckily, I still also have my ceramics as well. Of course that can be just as pricey as photo, and be considered potentially dangerous. The bureaucrats don't like us to have any fun. I hear ya there. Do you have a link to your ceramics work? What are you into?
  11. My Journey In To Clay

    Benzine, Thanks for the welcome, ... I do dable in the older methods of photography, strictly for my own personal work. I own a sports photo agency so, in my world, it is a fast turn around, my clients want the images before the game is even over, so it is all about quantity and expedience. Film is the way of the artist now. The standard programs in my business is Photoshop of course and a editing program called Photo Mechanic or all the IPTC info. Thats great your teaching and still keeping the darkroom work alive, I feel the same sense of accomplishment with this whole clay thing! Les
  12. My Journey In To Clay

    I have a small misstake that turned out in to a heart shaped mug, with a little help
  13. Hello my soon to be new friends "I hope". I am a complete beginner in clay, I am in the photography business by trade, a profession that was once a analog industrial art form. You bought film, that was made with silver and color dies, photographed your subject using precise exposure equations, and then you processed the film to exact specifications to reveal your creation. "film or slide" you held something you created, good or bad. All very rewarding, but as the digital age crept into photography, the act for me of creating a tangible item went away. The whole process changed, now cameras are computers that expose for you, and you see the image immediately, and if you don't like it, you can change it in a computer. But for me it all has become very detached... The photograph is just zero's and one's on a solid state circuit board, it has lost the feeling of making something, something you can hold and feel. But Pottery, that is analog!! It's real, you can feel it, touch it, it has weight, texture and it's functional! So I decided to take up pottery, I am really drawn to it. What goal do I have with pottery? I don't really have one, I am just on a journey of discovery right now. I have started taking lessons and I decided to document my journey via a video blog, I film my lessons (I am up to #3) and and I have a wheel at home I just bought to so I can record my small achievements and failures. I would love for people to join me on this journey and give me any advice they can. And if you see something I am doing wrong, please tell me, I want to grow and get better at this art. I guess the best way to follow me is to check out my facebook page or you tube page here where you can comment. YouTube or Facebook. Or you can see the videos on my webpage I started. www.potterywalker.com Why document this? I started doing it to just show my friends and family, but I soon realized that maybe I could learn something by sharing this with this community and maybe event pass along something to a beginner I learned along the way. So, I will post here as much as I can and I hope you can join in on my journey. here are links to all my videos so far. The Beginning The Wheel Arrives Lesson #2 I attempt a pitcher Lesson #3

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