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  1. 03 Lead Free Glaze

    Thank you Smartcat, I will try that recipe on my remaining white earthenware, and do some samples. Thanks to your comment that not all white earthenwares are created equally I think I will try another batch from a quality supplier. Have you got images of your earthenware pieces? Gwen
  2. 03 Lead Free Glaze

    The stoneware clays I am using have a wide firing range, so they accept an 03 glaze. I think it has potential for useful domestic ware, If I can make sure they are durable. There is no pinging yet, but I am currently doing the test of soaking in strong tea for 24 hours to show signs of crazing. Meanwhile I would still appreciate any tried and tested 03 earthenware glazes that are easy to apply, and smooth out well at 03, so I can try them on my wide range stoneware thanks Gwen
  3. 03 Lead Free Glaze

    Thankyou Marcia, The background to this choice of glaze is: I started with white earthenware but problems with shivvering were so bad I gave up on it. You are right I should be using stoneware glaze, but I've only switched to buff and white stoneware because I've seen beautiful 03 e/w glazes work well. My stoneware cups are lovely inside as I said but only scratchy on the outside. I've been using them in the microwave every day for a month and watching closely but they seem to be ok. I have an old kiln, so if this experiment doesn't work it will have to be back to terracotta with white slip. Unless there are any other suggestions for the stoneware glazing. thanks I will look into pinging. gwen
  4. Can anyone help with a low fire clear (03) glaze recipe that looks rich and smooth and well behaved and tolerant to one learning from experience that glazes need careful understanding. I am currently using a white finely grogged stoneware for some cups, which take a commercial satin glaze very well on the inside, but leaves the outside rough and patchy, as if the oxides I use for decoration sheds the glaze on the outside but not the inside, or concave and convex sides. I am bisque firing to cone 05, built up heat slowly and soaked for an hour. Help would be appreciated Gwen
  5. I really enjoy using this website and have passed it on a lot. Its been a fascinating year but always the glazing and kilnwork that stumps me. I'v just had the first experience of opening the tiny, old kiln to find that my oxide colours are beautiful (to me) but only on the inside.

    Any help out there with a well behaved cone 03 clear glaze that makes oxides look like pebbles und...

  6. Photo Transfer

    Good Morning from Wales, Gum arabic is used in water colour painting, so you could try an online art supply website. It comes in a very small bottle so even if you had it imported it wouldn't be too expensive. Try artists suppliers websites in POrtugal. But this site in the UK along with hundreds of others will post overseas. Good luck Gwen Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic 75ml http://www.artifolk....CFcOX2AoddkuvEQ
  7. Photo Transfer

    hello well I cannot help you, but I'm also interested I do live in Belgium ... can anyone help ? danie Hello also I am also interested because I enjoy Grayson Perry's pots which seem to feature perfect photos. I found this website on google which gives a lot of info. Best wishes, I will keep looking out on this topic. http://www.potters.org/subject88083.htm
  8. I am new to the possibilities creative possibilities of glazes, and only know anything at all from the help I get from researching ceramics on the web. As an artist who is now allergic to oil paint I am putting my interest in the possibilities of colour on greenware. I love the effects achieved by Grayson Perry, but for my own designs But in this case I have just built a small head on grey clay that I could see working well with a white marble effect, but I would like to try out a matt white glaze for the first firing to make the finish more durable, and finish it off with acrylics to finish the effect. If anyone has ideas I would be grateful, bearing in mind that I have to go to my local art centre to use their facilities. Thanks to all the people who provide such an interesting forum