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  1. The problem that I'm having is that I cannot seem to get a clean image onto my mug. I use a lead free food safe china paint from reusche called raven black. Decal medium and covercoat was also provided by the same company. I am screen printing with a 230 mesh screen onto decal paper from beldecal. Decals look great when done screen printing. However, after firing the image seems to have a lot of blowouts and cracks, and I'm not sure what part of the process I'm screwing up, or if it's simply the wrong products that I'm using. Essentially what I do is.. Mix enamel powder with decal medium (oil based) Screen the decal, wait for it to dry. Apply the covercoat, wait for that to dry. Apply the decal to the ware, wait for that to dry for twenty four hours. Fire in the kiln on low for about three hours with the lid cracked, allowing the organic material in the decal to burn off- the decal turns black and eventually goes clear. Once the images are clear again, close the lid and fire until cone 017 is reached. Does anyone have experience screening their own decals successfully? I do need to work with food-safe products because my designs contain images that go on the bottom insides of the mug as well.

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