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  1. satsuma

    I looking for the Satsuma style, made by the Japanese, not the Chinese one, made in the 19th and 20th century. It has thick enamel drawing on it. It is made from clay from the province Satsuma in Japan, and the patterns are form 17th century Korean origin. In the attachment I put a photo with an example of a vase with this pattern. I also know that it most times is made for the export to foreign countries. I hope this can tell me more about the way they made these patterns on their pottery. Greetings from The Netherlands, 7katten
  2. satsuma

    Hello Forum members, As I am very fond of the Japanese Satsuma ware, I would like to know how they decorate their pottery. Is there anyone who can tell me how this is done ? Greetings from The Netherlands, 7katten