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    Dvd Vs. Book

    I'm in Australia, so shipping from the US is prohibitively high. I don't even want to talk about buying glazes...... I LOVE the DVD downloads. I have four now, and will purchase more in the future. I wait until the ones I want are on special and snap 'em up for $20 or $30. I play them on both my computer, and on my mini iPad in my studio. I love being able to pause, rewind, pause, rewind... I am quite happy to pay the money as the DVD's are exceptionally good value and a similar length of workshop would cost hundreds. My only real issue is my difficulty in making the clay do what the presenter is making it do I have to keep reminding myself that this is someone with thirty years experience !! I do also have a collection of books. I use these more for inspiration than technique. I recently purchased Frida Anthin's "Handmade Pottery At Home" http://www.amazon.com/Handmade-Pottery-Home-Ceramics-Kitchen/dp/1446303462/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1395208647&sr=1-1 as I LOVE her work and she has very generously provided templates for a number of projects in her book... But for me, the technique is in seeing how someone handles the clay. Although I love Frida's book, there is no way of knowing what state the clay is in. As soon as Sanda Pieratozzi picks up one of her slabs, you can immediately see how soft and floppy it is. How she doesn't leave fingermarks is a mystery to me, but you get the idea. Oh, and I'm a bibliophile, for what its worth. I love books - I used to be a Librarian But for me, the value is in the practical application of the information; and for ceramics I do think the DVDs work better. Obviously something like glaze recipes would work better in a book though !
  2. MollyTinsley

    Keeping First Pieces

    Hey Just Peachy ! My parents still use the teabag pot I made when I was 13.... Its very lurid On the subject of hand building, check out the download here on Sandra Pierantozzi''s building with soft slabs. ( No, I am not a shill for CAD !!) I find this DVD amazingly useful, and after using some of her techniques in the class I attend, all my classmates started using them as well. There's also one by Gail Kendall about building with coils and slabs. The only frustrating thing is watching master craftspeople make it look super-easy, and then not being able to make the clay do what you want, as Norm said ! I have SO many wonky three cornered bottom mugs ! At least I'm not selling 'em on Etsy.......
  3. MollyTinsley

    The Guilty Pleasure

    I've found that I'm actually putting more air bubbles in when I DO wedge. Am doing something wrong ......
  4. MollyTinsley

    Insight into our Art

    Very nice and indeed you do have to show the Muse you are serious! Just to draw in another medium, Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) has a fabulous TED talk on this subject http://www.ted.com/t..._on_genius.html - well worth listening to/watching. The idea that random flashes of genius do not wholly come from us, but that we have to present ourselves to work in order to receive them....
  5. MollyTinsley

    dry/damaged fingernails after working with clay

    You can get bag balm from any vet clinics in Australia, but an aspiring business has clicked this is a popular product and now produce a fantastic range of products marketed as 'MooGoo' here. everything from bath milk, excema cream, body milk, hand cream etc etc available at most chemists- great stuff! oooh yes - I know the Moo goo - in fact I have a spare tub of it in my bathroom. I use the deoderant as well - its fabulous. THANKYOU
  6. MollyTinsley

    dry/damaged fingernails after working with clay

    Thanks for this ! I've just started again after a 20 year break and my hands are a mess ! And yes - it does seem to be worse with the porcelain. Next question - where on earth do I get Bag Balm in Australia ?! *Off to search the internet*

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