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  1. Post firing staining

    Thanks! I will check it out. Today someone suggested ink as well.
  2. Post firing staining

    It's an unglazed stoneware piece already fired to cone 10. I've already modified it thinking I could be happy with the results. I will attach pics of which I speak. The dragonfly has the desired result. I used the same stain on the mushroom yet it came out much lighter. I wish to perform some sort of staining on the mushroom so that it's just as dark as the dragon fly. As you can see, I cannot refire because of the adornments already in place.
  3. I made some outdoor art objects and the iron oxide stain used didn't come out as dark as I would have liked. Does anyone have suggestions on how to darken the surface up and that can withstand the elements? Shoe polish followed by a sealer? Thanks

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