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  1. dust masks

    I am using a 3M 8233 NIOSH N100 dust mask in my studio. It is like a glorified disposable mask - in other words, it doesn't have any filter cartridges that need replacing. I am wondering if it might be time to swap it for a new one. It smells a little like clay when I put it on and start breathing through it. However, breathing is not difficult - that is, it hasn't seemed to become so clogged that it is a struggle to breathe through. The only put off is the scent of clay dust when I put it on. I only use it when I am cleaning the studio or when I feel I might be more heavily exposed to dust (I.e. Opening and wedging a new box of clay, trimming a pot that is a little too dry). What would anyone recommend? What masks do you use and how often are you replacing them or changing the filters?
  2. What do ya'll think? If I fire earthenware and stoneware both to ^06 which will be most durable? I want to burnish the piece, bisque fire it then smoke it in a metal can, which of these, earthenware or stoneware, will take the smoke better?
  3. paper firing

    I am wondering if it is safe to fire paper in an electric kiln. Such as paper clay or a piece that has paper inside it to keep the shape of the piece. My kiln is located in a garage that is attached to my home. I do not have a vent but open 2 garage doors and a window when firing. Thanks for any help you can give me seeing I am fairly new to pottery.
  4. Kilns made in the USA

    Parogon makes a nice product. http://www.paragonweb.com/
  5. safe glazes

    I'm applying clear matte glaze to portions of white, bisqued earthenware and I can't tell where I've put the glaze because they're the same color. If I color my glaze w/ food coloring, just so I can see where it is as I apply it, will that burn off in the kiln w/out affecting the glaze? Thanks.