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  1. Any Good Way To Get Gold Accents?

    http://www.reuscheco.com/services.asp I use roman gold - make sure you have dedicated tools ( brush ect) for the gold
  2. Minimum firing temps

    Thank you very much for your help! I'll check for a local place who'll fire fire for me. I really appreciate your help. With glass, you can fire a tad lower and soak a little longer and it's usussly better in the long run. I was hoping this might be the case. Thanks again! Shereen
  3. Hello, I took ceramic classes at Berkeley years ago and loved it, however my work is now all glass. I have three "glass kilns' and they don't recommend (I don't know why) that you go past 1900 ...err even 1800 that often. When I have molten glass coming put the bottom of the kiln it's only at 1720. My question, I would love to work with some clay and I did buy some low fire clay last year but got busy with commissions. Is there any clay that can be fired in glass kilns? Going no higher than 1900? I would Love to work with porcelain..any chance? Thank you VERY much. Shereen