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  1. Pine Ash

    Dear Off Center, Your picture of your cup is absolutely beautiful. I too love wood firing but am limited to electric. I know this is likely not the spot to post this but a few years back in my hopefulness to find a glaze similar to the wood glaze look I found a recipe in ceramics monthly for fake wood ash electric firing. While not perfect, it does work. And if you play with it you can definitely get different finishes from shiny to matt by adjusting the firing temperature and clay bodies. I used speckled clay and it worked beautifully. If anyone wants this recipe let me know or simply look it up in ceramics monthly. It is worth a try if you are feeling that not having a wood fired look is problematic in your repertoire of electric glazing colors. Nelly Please post recipe and pics of some of you pots....Trevor
  2. Once firing

    good idea -- I suggest you read Dennis Parks -Potters Guide to Raw Glazing and Oil Firing.....pub.Charles Scribners's Sons Oil firing may not be possible these days but single fire certainly is.