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  1. I have also used hypodermic needles inserted into cutoff ear syringes, but there are small slip applicators available now with an assortment of tip sizes. This is how I put the luster line on my avatar at the left. This technique is known as tube lining. Charlotte Rhead was famous for tube lining. See this link: http://www.studiopot...p.cgi?item=0367 Marcia Many, many thanks! I look forward to discovering Charlotte Rhead's work!
  2. Many thanks! I love the generosity of ceramicists sharing information!
  3. Thank you! That's a great help to begin experimenting with. Cheers
  4. Hi. I'm from Australia and I'm new to posting messages, forums and ceramics. Could you please tell me if there are tools I can purchase that will enable me to paint, (or slip trail), glaze as evenly spaced and well controlled lines to bone dry or bisque fired vessels? Thank you