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  1. Extraction For Spraying Glaze

    Thank you to Eduardo, royjulian, and bill r for your really helpful advice. I'm going to get my husband to look at the replies (it'll probably be him that sets it up for me!) and see which he thinks is most feasible. I am continually struck by the generosity of the ceramic community - it's something my husband has commented on too. I only 're-discovered' this wonderful material about 5 years ago, (mud pies as a child was the last time previously!) and set up my studio workshop in 2008 - if only I'd known years ago how wonderful it is! Many thanks.
  2. I have bought a paint spray to use as a glaze spray but can't afford a spray booth with extraction. Apart from using it outside on a still day, in a large box perhaps lined with newspaper, and obviously wearing all of the necessary protection (esp filtration mask) does anyone have any hints about extracting the fine spray that doesn't reach the piece to be glazed?
  3. Food Safety

    In the UK try CERAM at Stoke-on-Trent www.ceram.com