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  1. Problem with Kiln Not Firing

    Hi Woody, Thank you for your thorough input. It has been more than helpful. I will be buying some WD-40 and compressed air this afternoon for that stubborn thumb wheel. And yes, it is great that this kiln cost about a buck-fifty per firing. That is one of the reasons i'm sticking with this little kiln! About that pyrometer, I suppose that it may be a worthwile investment for tracking kiln temps now and in the future, but the steep price tells me that I just might have to hold off a bit longer before I actually get one (though baby-sitting a kiln sitter for 16 hours sounds like a good time to play with clay uninterupted!). Well, i'm really looking forward to fully firing some wares, and when I do I will post some pics for fun. Thanks again, Daniel
  2. Hello, I'm new to this forum and happy to become a part of the community. To start off with, I recieved a small kiln (11"W x 11"L x 9"H) from a friend and have been firing bisque in it. I am a noob at fiing, so this has been all new to me. The kiln is a CRESS brand kiln with a kiln sitter and has a "firing duration" knob. (See attached image) It also has a thumb wheel that automatically progresses from 0 to 10 which controls the heat intensity. When I fire bisque, it takes about 5 - 6 hours to fire to cone 06. The problem occurs when I try to highfire to cone 6. I put the cone in the kiln sitter and set the time knob to about 12 hours, but it is not enough. Then, the heat intensity thumb wheel seems to get stuck at level 4, so I have to manually ramp it up to 6, and then to 8, and then to 10 every few hours. Finally, when it is at level 10, it stays that way for about 6 hours, and the cone does not drop. I keep returning to a kiln full of porous wares and an un-triggered kiln sitter. Is there something that I am doing incorrectly? I am really enjoying being able to creat and fire my own ceramic objects and would really like to make this kiln work. I have purchased plenty of kiln shelves and posts for this kiln and would like to prevent having to buy a new kiln of a different size. Could the kiln that I am using be malfunctional? If so, would it be the coils, the kiln sitter controls, or the electrical box that is to blame? Any help with this is greatly appreciated. I am attaching a few fotos of the kiln for reference. P.S. Can anyone tell me what that yellow-orange button on the panel does? I always have it pressed and lit when firing. Thanks, Daniel Calderon