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  1. Thanks Tom and Neil, I'll just fire with the 208's until they die. I will get a replacement set to have on hand. I doubt I'll fire more than every other month, not much time to make stuff with a full time job + side jobs. Jilly
  2. [ Thanks Neil, that's what I had figured. I will commence with frying! Jilly
  3. On the topic of 208V 1P cone 10 kilns, I recently purchased a used Skutt 1227 with this configuration. I will be firing it on 240V. From what I understand after speaking with a Skutt tech it should work fine, but the life of the elements will be reduced. I was hoping to fire it a couple of times before replacing the elements (with 240V ones), I will be firing to cone 6. Do any of you see a problem with this? Should I just bite the bullet and change the elements before firing it all? Thanks for any advice. Jilly

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