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    I love clay, porcelain, silk screening, collage, fantasmagoria, classical replicas, fine detailing (especially distinguishing between the thin and the thinnest), beauty (especially trees), animals (especially dogs), ....................et cetera
  1. Porcelain

    Oh, meanwhile i've found a lot online! Now - practice!
  2. Stilts On Stoneware

    Same problem! WHAT IS A PLATE SETTER?
  3. Porcelain

    I wonder about the techniques of paperclay for limoges porcelain... I succeed to make only plates (out of slabs), and fail in getting to 3-dimensional... This is time for me to learn it. Please advise? Thanks a lot!
  4. Pottery/ceramics Cooperatives

    Hi Jennifer, i am a member of a ceramics cooperative/gallery in Jerusalem. We are 14 potters under the same roof showing and selling together for more than 20 years already. I joined the coop 10 years after it had been established and i am more familiar with the ongoing routine. I might help you with some specific issues. Good luck! Ida