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  1. The Gun Metal green is challenging to get to be consistent. I love it when it works; which is in a wide range from the grey to the blue/green. I have fired NUMEROUS pieces with the same clay body and had a range of effects...from beautiful to flat out ugly. They will tell you the same if you call Coyote for pointers. If a piece comes out ugly try layering Mottled blue over it and refiring ...Good luck!
  2. Thanks Marcia! I have been enjoying reading "CLAY" by Suzanne Staubach.....about the history of clay - accompanying ceramics - to sparkplugs, computer chips etc. 45 years; what a long relationship you have had! All the respect! Zoe
  3. I am trying once again to see if my response gets attached here.... Thankyou John and Marcia for your responses to my posts. The ceramics history web class is awesome; just not very far completed. My clay appreciation course is offered through Western New Mexico's art dpt; and fufills a gen ed requirement. What are your favorite 3 books for ceramic appreciation/history? Hoping this gets posted; I have responded many times and don't see my posts. hmmm Zoe
  4. I will be teaching a new University level course entitled Clay appreciation. It will have a hands-on component but will focus more on gaining an appreciation for the media: history, aesthetics, procedures,etc. I am looking for a teachers guide with visuals to assist in the lectures of history; past to present. Any ideas would be welcome.