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  1. I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving! I have been reading about underglaze washes and it all sounds good. I'm still a little iffy on what goes on first. Would the layering be: 1) Cone 6 glaze and let dry/ then apply various watery underglazes OR 2) Apply various watery underglazes/ then apply the cone 6 glaze (would it be wise to fire the underglaze and then apply the cone 6 and fire again?) Thanks!
  2. Using the iron oxide at 018 was pretty nice. I think it was the glaze going over it plus the higher temp that made it disappear. What Marcia says intrigues me, but not sure I understand, "...dilute your oxides into a task and float the on the glaze..." Could you speak to this quote a little more? Thanks!
  3. What I'd like to accomplish is a watercolor effect, like leaves turning during the fall. If I were to use a clear glaze, what temp/ cone could I go to before I loose the oxide? Thanks y'all
  4. I applied an iron oxide wash (straight, nothing but water added) to a bisque piece and fired to 018. The result was a really nice orange/ red. I then covered that with a translucent green glaze and fired to cone 6. Fail! The orange/red turned black. At what temp can I fire this oxide without losing it? Thanks much!!
  5. Clay leaves glazing techniques!

    What is a semi-moist pan underglaze?
  6. Clay leaves glazing techniques!

    Those hosta leaves are very nice! We have used a similar glaze with good results, but still are seeking to create that watercolor effect found on fall leaves. Transparent glazes would be ideal for my students. Does anyone know of some companies that make them?
  7. Clay leaves glazing techniques!

    So were you using low fire stuff, like to cone 4? How did you make it like watercolor ?
  8. Clay leaves glazing techniques!

    Thanks! I will try that out.
  9. Clay leaves glazing techniques!

    Chris, Would you fire the clay to cone 04 and the use underglazes at the suggested 018?
  10. Clay leaves glazing techniques!

    Making and assembling the leaves is something we have really gotten into. Our problem is creating and using color to show off the leaves. We'd like to create a a seasonal motif like fall and spring, especially for our Empty Bowls fundraiser.
  11. Another high school art teacher here...having a time figuring out how to best show off the delicate leaf structures we are getting. Glazes just cover them up and we are unable to find or make translucent glazes. We'd like to somehow get one color in the leaf vien and another on the overall, kind of like water color. Any help will be greatly appreciated!