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  1. I have an electric kiln; the first thing I did after plugging it in was make a kiln god to watch over it. He sits on a shelf on the wall right behind the kiln. Thus far, all firings have gone well on his watch! (Though I just now realized he doesn't have eyes...)
  2. Broken bisque pieces

    If you have enough that's when you get into mosaics.
  3. Back to Nature

    I love the idea of using housing insulation! I use it when I screenprint, but it never occurred to me to make molds out of the stuff; it's so carve-able. Thanks!
  4. Skutt also has fantastic customer service on the phone in my experience. They could probably help you with anything unclear.
  5. carving clay

    Wow! It never occurred to me to try shellac or wax. I can't wait to try them both out; thanks everyone for posting ideas.
  6. I saw a guy who used plain ol' white vinegar -- no scoring, no slipping -- to join things together. I've tried it a couple of times and it SEEMS to work well, but I don't consider myself to have enough experience handbuilding to swear by it.
  7. Will I burn my house down?

    I had an electrician inspect my wiring etc. when I first purchased my kiln...good thing! My house was built in the 70s and had a breaker box infamous for becoming hot and burning down houses. Yeah, it hurt my wallet, but we replaced the entire box (which had been hot at some point in its operation!) and he added a new, separate breaker just for the kiln complete with beefy, correctly-rated copper wiring. It's well-worth the peace of mind ALONE to A) go by manufacturer's specifications and have an old home's wiring inspected and upgraded as needed.

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