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  1. Angi

    Shoulder Tendonitis/Bursitis

    Hi, I had a similar problem, severe shoulder pain,i was diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury. I am a massage therapist, and found it was too deep inside for me to be able to reach / massage. The exersizes my Physiotherapist gave me were unbearable as I could not lift my arm above chest hight. After sleepless nights, and painful days, i was at the end of my tether. I was like a zombie for 6 months. The Physiotherapist said there was not much else that could be done except surgery. I asked if he had a machine that could send deep sonic pulses into where the pain was. We tried this and after the 1st session i slept the night, after 8 sessions I was PAIN FREE and have been for over 12 months now. So please dont have surgery, ask if there is a machine with sonic / sound waves and give it a go. Hope this helps you xx Painfree Angi.
  2. Hi, I have a Nabertherm Kiln, and a B130 controller. I also had problems about it not reaching temperature. I know its not the same as yours but this might help!. In my operating manual it said F1 is a fault memory of last error. I had been using the kiln to fire Decals, at a lower temperature than i normally use. So i turned everything off and waited a while then put it back on and re programed it and it worked fine again. It also stated that if the error message re appears inform the manufacturer. Hope this helps. Angi.......Cornwall UK

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