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  1. joy72

    Kiln Issues

    As others have said, a slight gap between the lid and kiln body is normal. You will see light under the lid due to that gap. However, something is wrong if the lid rises in the front. A gap forms under the lid because the center of the lid bows inward slightly as it gets hot. This happens because the outer surface of the lid is cooler than the inner surface, so the lid expands more on the hot inner surface. If the lid actually rises in the front, the hinge may be bent. The hinge should have play in it to allow it to remain flat against the kiln. Without the play, the lid can rise 1/4" or more at the front. Sincerely, Arnold Howard Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com Arnold, There is more then a 1/4" gap up to 1/2". I will check the hinge, I am suspecting that may be the problem. I am not sure if it is an adjustable type of hinge or not. Does a draft play a part in the lid staying flat? I have my kiln in my garage with just natural airflow (garage door open a foot and the back door open about a foot also). I am so very grateful for finding this community~ what a great support for budding artists. Thank you J.Joy White
  2. joy72

    Kiln Issues

    Great help! Thank you, I love your blog ~ your pottery is stunning.
  3. joy72

    Kiln Issues

    Thanks for the tips, I have never heard of ceramic blanket before.
  4. joy72

    Kiln Issues

    Thanks for the reply. I did install a new cone sitter (the ceramic part with the rod and holder) so it is probably not adjusted correctly. Any helpful hints on how to adjust it? (I am very new to this) ~ Joy
  5. I have a Cress Kiln model # B-23-H. Firing green wear everything works great. When I do the final glaze firing, the lid on my kiln seams to warp open slightly. I am trying to obtain cone 6 firing. Cone 5 (witness cone) is the only one that bent. It took about 6 hours to fire the green wear and I had the kiln on for 12 hours for the final firing. My question is what is wrong with my lid? The kiln is level and the lid sits level when it is closed and not being fired. Did I just buy a dud? Is is a used kiln in good shape. Any suggestions? ~ Joy

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