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  1. Laguna Em-1245 Reactive Glaze Cone 06

    the base glaze is calcium carbonate 36%, lithium carbonate 6%. I wonder if this is the reason for color differences??
  2. Laguna Em-1245 Reactive Glaze Cone 06

    Yellow and brown stains hold their color, but blues and greens do not. So very strange.
  3. Laguna Em-1245 Reactive Glaze Cone 06

    by weight and by volume
  4. Recently, I have been using this glaze, the surface effects are wonderful, but the results are not reproducible. I add a color stain and the resulting color is completely different even with the same clay bode. Anyone have any thoughts???
  5. Soon I will need to transported my work to an exhibit in another country. First time packing for transport - any tip and/or advice on packaging - no breakage. Thanks.
  6. Oscillating tools

    Thanks very much for the feedback!! Sanding/polishing contour surfaces is important and Fein has this accessory. For me the accessories are more important than the tool and it seems the Fein has the most accessories. Diamond sanding pads etc.
  7. Greetings all - I have tried sanding, polishing fired ceramic surfaces by hand and it is difficult!! The Oscillating tools seems to be the answer, seems like Dremel and Fein have the best with many accessories especially diamond sanding/polishing pads. Can anyone give me a recommendation for this tool?? Thank you.

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