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  1. Gallup Brick?

    Hi Mark, I've Googled too without much luck. I've got a lead on a pallet of used clean brick some are yellow/tan (leads me to think that *maybe* they could be firebrick or at least could be used in the chimney). Some other brick on the pallet are pink/red. Thanks for your time!
  2. Gallup Brick?

    Anyone one have tips/knowledge about Gallup brick? Any insight on temperature rating would be appreciated!
  3. Looking for temperature rating on used Gallup brick. Any tips much appreciated!

    1. glazenerd


      Call a brickyard that has been around awhile: they keep old records.

  4. Looking For Truck Decals

    For one hundred images, you'll probably be happy to have them custom made. Check out http://www.easyceramicdecals.com/

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