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  1. Pottery Studio Etiquette

    Something about group cleanup. A general policy could be that seeing you when you need help is directly proportional to how often you are seen cleaning up. Kind of a do unto others policy or a consequences of your actions guideline. Technically, a flow chart observation. I recently had a group of kids learn my policy by this statement, "How willing I am to help you depends on how hard you have tried before you ask for help." They needed a brief conversation to understand, but it changed the whole course of the class for everyone, in a very good way. I am extremely willing to help anyone any time. But when 1 minute in, the "I can't do this/show me how/do it for me/I don't understand" starts, I am suspicious and kind of assume that you want me to do it for you. So my Commandments would be short, five or so: 1. Try. You have to have tried before corrections or help can occur. If perfectionism stops you from trying, try! It will help you get over this. If it's ugly or doesn't work, we can fix it. If it is air, there is no chance. 2. Do not interfere with anyone else's work. No loud/weird distractions. Don't break their stuff by touching it/moving it/handling it/turning it around. 3. Leave anything you touch clean and where it belongs. Even if it wasn't clean when you found it where it didn't belong. It doesn't matter for you who left it out and dirty; the studio manager notices these things. 4. Leave common areas clear for the next person. Don't assume that it is ok to leave your work everywhere "just for a minute". 5. Don't be late for classes. It is rude and inconveniences everyone. Get there whenever you can for open studio! These are the things that make me crazy as a studio owner and user. The sanitation and other policies are a lot easier to fix!