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  1. First time making a slip mold

    Thank you for your help! I wouldn't have been so worried about it, had I not put such a great deal of work into these pieces. Will much detail be lost when coating the vessel to be cast with a release compound? Some of the detail is pretty intricate.
  2. So, I haven't done this just yet, but I'm preparing to within the next few days. I have a few pieces waiting to be fired at a paint-your-own pottery shop, but the person I've talked to told me that creating a slip mold from fired goods would not be possible. Is this true, or does it depend on the nature of it? For example, one is vase-like, and I had planned on laying the bottom half in clay, casting the top, and repeating the process for the bottom half, so it would be a two. Does it have to be greenware for this (she also said after casting, the piece within would be destroyed), or can it be ran through the kiln and cast afterwards? If so, does it need a release compound?