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  1. Great...this info should help me great deal, planning a reduction firing (luster glazing) sometime in April...thanks.
  2. Thanks Neil for all your suggestions. I am doing one more glaze firing mid April and this time I ve asked a Senior potter from Mumbai to guide me through the firing process...I will keep you all posted on the results...
  3. Downdraft, front loading, 2 burners
  4. Yes, I have a downdraft kiln. Never tried firing using cones. Can you help me understand how to figure out/sense the back pressure. The single spy hole provided in my gas kiln is on the door (front loading kiln) and quite large, almost 3" by 3". Given this size, can I open the spy hole during higher temperatures?
  5. yeah, i think i should get one...thanks.
  6. Hello, this is my first question to the forum and am hoping for some answers. am doing glazing on stoneware and facing trouble reaching cone5 (1200 deg centrigrade). am not sure if am using the damper effectively. should it be left half open to reach the desired temp.? the temp. rise was happening very slow and had great trouble pushing it up. tried opening the damper to little more than half and the rise in temp did happen but slow...any suggestions on effective use of the damper??