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  1. Musical Ceramic mugs?

    I would be interested in hearing more about how to make these as well...
  2. I am looking for information on how to actually make ceramic mugs that have a built in whistle. I would like historical information on them as well "how to". Thanks
  3. I started pottery about a year and a half ago and already had several serious med issues going on. One is osteoporosis and another is neuropathy . Working the clay is actually helping my strength some. The neuropathy however has made it hard for me to do things the way the teachers normally suggest. Since my neuropathy is worse on the right side I operate the peddle with my left. Even then I am never sure how my pressure is fluctuating so I usually set it to a speed i find workable and then take my foot off it , leaving it spinning and proceed to throw. Also I can not use a rib tool with my right hand and so have to do contortions to work it with my left. Still it all works out, I just have to put up with a lot of weird looks which don't bother me much anymore. Once my teachers figured out that this weird method really worked for me they mostly leave me alone unless I ask.
  4. What is the difference between the two? I have used used both and like them because they stay where I put them. But am wondering what is the appropriate use for each? Should they always be used with a clear coat on top.. or would they be considered food safe without that?