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  1. How large is your kiln ?? You are either making an awful lot of pendants or else you must have quite a small kiln - which I presume is electric?? Assuming your work is truly dry before you bisque - you still need a minimum 1 hour pre heat - if in doubt take 4 hour pre heat with lid cracked a couple of inches - then you should schedule to fire to cone 04 over 10 - 12 hours with a one hour soak at temperature. For your next (after bisque) fire to 06 - again give it a one hour pre heat and take it to 06 over 6 - 7 hours with a minimum 1 hour soak at max temperature.... This schedule should be the same for your final glaze firing..... Good luck
  2. Seems to me it would be easier to throw one pot....and practise 30 times on that??
  3. Some 30 - 40 years ago they made slip trailers - actually kidney shaped rubber pouches, with a tube insert. The rubber was similar to a bicyle inner tube in texture. Nowadays you can only get rather stiff bulbous slip trailers, or plastic bottles. These, however do not have the control that the old kidney type had and I wonder if anybody a) remembers them knows where they can be sourced or c) has any to sell/dispose of???