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yellow glaze

yellow glaze

This is a glaze posted on 12/4 /10 in response to a request for a yellow buttercup , not mustard glaze
Marci’s Matt ^6 Reduction

EPKaolin 1150 23

Dolomite 1000 25

Neph Syenite 1900 38

Silica 900 18

Whiting 200 4

Gerstley Borate 500 10


Blue 1% Cobalt Carb

LightGreen1.5%Nickel Carb + 1.5%RedIron Oxide

Gray 2.5% Rutile +1.5% Nickel Carb

Warm Blue 1% 1% Cobalt Carb+ 5% Manganse Di

Tan 6% Manganese Di. +2.5 Red Iron Ox +1%

Rutile OR try using only 5% Rutile as a colorant

This particular example has 4% vanadium stain, 4% Rutile and 3% zircopax. To brighten it up , reduce the zircopax

    This is ^6 oxidation
    Do not use Vanadium on surfaces with contact with food. It is toxic. This glaze is very easy to manipulate color. For a food safe buttery yellow , eliminate the vanadium increase the rutile, reduce the zircopax to a lower %

    Marci’s Matt ^6 Reduction

    Will this glaze work for ^6 oxidation? Or else am looking for a good glaze. Thanks Flowergirl

    yes it works in reduction. I formulated for ^6 reduction 35 years ago.