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I couldn't find anything via search so here it goes!


What kind of maintenance should I be doing for my wheel? How often should I get into it and lubricate? It is a Shimpo, the front says 21 century metal traction drive wheel.


It had been cleaned and tuned up (bought used at retail) but I have no knowledge of its on going needs, beyond that machinery can't withstand friction without maintence: so clearly, I need to know!


I am aware I could call up my clay supplier and ask, however I just don't want to be the obnoxiously needy customer if I can find what I need on my own! 😊

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That helps! Actually, it even shows how to remedy the reverse spin that happens when the pedal is in the stop position which is great!


It says to lubricate are a few years if needed?! That seems off to me. Anyone have further input, how often do you do it (or have you never lubricated your equipment)?

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