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Undergraduate Showcase

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In the September 2011 issue, Ceramics Monthly will feature the works of undergraduate clay artists. Anyone enrolled in clay classes at an accredited post-secondary institution may apply. In an effort to keep the quality and variety at a high level, we ask you to encourage the undergraduate artists whom you know to apply.


To be considered, they will need to submit the following to arrive in our offices by June 30, 2011:


• Up to five professional-quality digital images (300 ppi resolution on CD)

• A full-size color print of each image. Images should print to at least five (5) inches in the smallest dimensions; because accepted entries are printed, larger is better.

• Complete descriptions of the works on a caption sheet

• Full contact information

• 500 words discussing the body of work you are submitting

• Instructor name(s) and contact information

• Institution at which you study


Submissions can be mailed to:

Undergraduate Showcase, Ceramics Monthly,

600 N. Cleveland Ave., Suite 210,

Westerville, OH 43082.


Arrival Deadline: The deadline to apply is June 30 (this is an arrival deadline, not a postmark deadline).


Download the full prospectus at:




Emailed submissions and submissions with more than five images will not be considered. We ask that you do not submit materials in binders or folders.

Submitted materials will not be returned. Due to the volume of entries, please do not respond to this email and no phone calls please.

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Hi Spring, As the editorial staff looks at printed images only, a video cannot be submitted. I would suggest that you submit printed stills from the video.

Good luck,


Can you submit a video that counts as an image? My work moves and watching it move makes a big difference. Thanks


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Hi Tyler, If you have a few bodies of work that you feel are equally strong, feel free to send examples of all of them (within the parameters set up in the prospectus). We are looking for the applicants to send what they feel to be the most resolved pieces they have made, both technically and conceptually. These can be utilitarian or sculptural.

got this e mail forwarded to me from my professor, was wondering if the work should all be directly related or if a sampling of a couple different types of work is appreciated


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