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This time next week, many of the Board Members of Potters Council will be at NCECA in Tampa

and we hope you will drop by our booth in the Vendors Hall to say Hi and give us your input and

ideas. We would love to meet you.


The Potters Council juried show of Members work, "The Shoulders We Stand On", will be

held in the Nancy Markoe Gallery at 3112 Pass a Grille Way, St. Pete Beach.


We have rented a trolley to help you get there from the bus tours on Wednesday.

Here is how you can get there .... take the #3 - St. Petersburg Bus Tour and get off at

stop 1B, "Craftsman House". Look for signs and for our trolley to take you to the beach.


It is a 15 minute ride to the beach. There is also a show of Cynthia Bringle and Sandra McKenzie

Schmidtt next door. Nearby is another pottery show at the Suntan Art Center.


Come see the shows, eat lunch on the beach then grab the trolley back to the tour stop.

First shuttle pick up is at 10 am and last pick up at Nancy Markoe is 3:30 pm.


If you would rather share a cab out from downtown, the cost is about $21 for a van cab that

seats four ... BATS TAXI 727 367 3702


For our Friday night opening party, we will have a continuous bus loop starting at the Hyatt Regency

to the Nancy Markoe Gallery.

First Pick-up 5:15 and Last Pick-up 6:45

Last Shuttle from the Show at 9pm


We are so proud of this show and its partner shows. We want to make sure every one of you sees them.

Also on Friday night, Potters Council will be celebrating its tenth birthday, so come on out and get a slice of cake!!

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I am packing. I leave Monday morning on 5:30 am flight to Miami. I am going to see an old friend before going on to Tampa. Please stop by the Potters Council booth to say hello or come to the business meeting at 7 am on Friday.

The Reception for the 10th Anniversary will be great! Not only will we be celebrating our appreciation of the Founding Members but also what the Council has accomplished in those ten years.

The Health Insurance , local conferences, credit card plans, members pages, freight discounts, web galleries, annual juried show. These have been major benchmarks for this organization. So come by and celebrate.



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Chris, Marcia, last year there was a live video webcast of the demos, which included Ron Meyers, Christa Assad, and others. It was great for those of us who can't make NCECA. Do you know if they plan to do that again this year, and where the links might be? I looked, but couldn't find anything.

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Guest JBaymore

I'm flying off to Tampa on Tuesday morning from here. Looking forward to seeing everyone from the Potters Council, the PC show, and all the NCECA stuff.






PS: Madison... the NCECA site may have the link posted as the conference begins....but that assumes that they are going to have the same capabilities again. Not every conference center has the same technology available.

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