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Parian Slip


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Good morning, I am from Brazil and I'm new here.

I am very interested in working with Parian slip but I have a lot of questions…

I read that it is self glazing. How does it work?

Can I mix a stain with it and then fire at high temperature? no need to make the bisque? Do you guys know some video about that?


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Hi I have never heard of it before today. I googled and apparently it is a casting slip . Here is a link to a blog of someone who tried it :


A Richard Behrens did a pamphlet that might have a recipe . It is available premade , but expensive.

Show us what you make with it ! Jolie

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I fired some once in my kiln, I wouldn't really call it self glazing. The guy who was using it put glaze on top. The bare clay didn't even slightly stick or 'pluck' on the shelf like porcelain can or a glaze.


It really looks like a burnished pot, slightly shiny. You can see that in the link jolieo posted if you find the fired pieces.

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Belleek in Ireland uses a parian. Their's is slightly yellowish in color. 

Sevres in Paris uses one.

Look for porcelains that are cone 5. More than likely it is a parian body or slip. Little kaolin, lots of flux.

It was used for white sculptural items which looked like Parian marble, hence the description.

Potterycrafts U.K. used to sell one of my parian bodies in several colors and white.

So, to answer your question, yes, you can put stain in it but test the amount the stain increases the fluxing qualities.

When Potterycrafts were taken over by Limoges, they stopped producing some of the clays they made  in Stoke-on-Trent.

Parian is usually a low fire porcelain and it is also used to make dolls. It has more flux, hence the surface can look like marble

You can probably buy doll porcelain which is more than likely parian.


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