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Bubbles In Salt Buff Glaze

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I used Salt buff Glaze and a clear glaze together and the results were a bunch of semi sharp bubbles all over the clay body! The Clay I used was a brown clay. ( I can ask at the studio if needed) What do you think the problem might be? Do the glazes not go together? If so why not? 


Thanks!! I can upload pictures if needed,




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The two glazes did not like each other. Make a lot of test tiles

and test glazes as you're firing the regular loads. A friend of mine

made over 12 Empty Bowls to be used as test tiles with similar results.

One of her glazes was a Shino glaze plus something else. And though it

was only 12 to 16 bowls, she can't get much help with the bowls in the

first place. Make lots of tests and put results in a journal.

Good luck.


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